Commercial pilot license

Being in the aviation industry as a Commercial pilot license is amazing. The air shudder with whirls of the sounds of the helicopter is just great. However, the process of how to be a pilot is not an easy task, as it needs much patience, dedication and a genuine interest in the job, plus other related things. If you have these qualities, then you can become a pilot. The process of becoming an airplane pilot is quite different from that of a helicopter pilot as well as a commercial pilot. The following paragraphs describe some steps on how to become a pilot.

Organizing Your Finances

Becoming a helicopter pilot is costly and takes about USD 50,000 or more since to reach the level of a helicopter pilot, one requires to train in commercial, student and private stages. Several aspiring pilots often need financial help to finish lessons thus ensure you have the financial aspect figured out well in advance. You are assured of earning it back as a commercial pilot salary is between USD 100,000 and 200,000 annually.

Joining a Flight School

This entirely requires one to research the best choices. Find colleges which provide the right courses and contact them to determine the kind of training offered, such as helicopters used, schedule, requirements to fulfill so as to join the course and so on. The school must offer every flight training level and be accredited to teach through the Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) stages.

Age Factor

You can start training at the flight school from an early age of 16 years and attain the license for a private pilot at the age of 17 years.

Organizing Your Documents

To go solo, one needs to ensure that he passes in the medical exams performed by the relevant bodies. This involves going through a full medical test which determines one’s vision, health, and hearing efficiency. You also require Student’s Pilot Certificate so as to go solo, and be at least 16 years of age and can understand, speak and read English, as well as having a medical certificate.

Getting a Private Pilot License

Once you have a student license, you must work towards having the private license of which various schools prescribe various requirements. You must take oral and written tests together with a flight test that needs you to have some amount of flying hours depending on the school.

How to Become a Commercial Pilot

The major requirement needed to move to this step is gathering about 150 flight hours to have the commercial license. If you have no commercial license, then you simply don’t get paid. Begin to collect flight hours promptly since the rules have become stricter and several employers demand for quite a high number.

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