Scary Halloween Masks That Will Make Your Friends & Neighbors Run Away

Halloween is a time when all sorts of people are able to express themselves in fun, entertaining ways 日本口罩 by dressing in costumes and wearing scary Halloween masks. Online shopping for these type of items will yield a wide variety of choices. No matter what you are looking for, you will likely be able to find it.

Some of the scary Halloween masks released for the 2009 season include the following:

*Cave Demon Mask

Be prepared to scare! This mask consists of a cracked skull with complete with three sets of curved and pointed horns. In addition, a set of sharp teeth protrude from the skull’s mouth. This will transform anyone into a creature straight from the underworld.

*Howl-O-Ween Mask

If you are into scary Halloween masks with fur attached, perhaps this one will do the trick. The mask consists of a scary, snarling vicious wolf complete with long brown hair and sharp teeth. Get ready to howl at the moon.

*Baby Doll Adult Mask

Don’t be fooled into thinking this mask is for kids. It is truly a frightening creation. This mask consists of a worn, discolored baby doll face with part of its hair missing and cracks all over the face. Creepy!

*Green Gremlin Monster Mask

Anyone who witnesses you wearing this mask will be in shock. This ghoulish green character will fill onlookers with fright and unease. Its exaggerated features such as over sized sharp teeth and huge cat shaped eyes add to its fear factor.

*Halloween 2 Michael Meyers Adult Mask

Michael is back, and he is looking scarier than ever. This scary Halloween mask consists of a wrinkled face and graying hair complete with bloody wounds and scars on the right side of the face and ear.

There are also scary Halloween masks that are considered to be standard, or those that have been around for a long time and will continue to be popular. The following are some choices from this category:

* Jason Hockey Mask

The string of Friday the XIII movies seem endless, and Jason has been a popular Halloween pick for many years by those who dress for the occasion. This mask will transform you into the mute horror that is Jason Voorhees in a white hockey style mask that is officially licensed.

*Freddy Mask

Adult or child, you can masquerade as Freddy behind this authentic looking licensed mask. Be prepared for looks of horror as you make an appearance to your friends and neighbors wearing this creation.

* Universal Studios Mummy Mask

This is an officially licensed product that truly evokes memories of the original mummy movies of decades past. In fact, it is considered a collectible item. It is truly creepy!

*Deluxe Hannibal Lecter Half Mask

Designed to keep the insane Hannibal from attempting to consume human flesh, this mask is authentic looking with its brown fiberglass construction and metal bars that cover the mouth area.

No matter what your taste, you can choose one of these scary Halloween masks and transform yourself into whomever you choose to portray. The best part is that you can have loads of fun while doing it.

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